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Everything You Need to Know About Sticker Printing and Label Printing

Stickers and labels are very much alike, they are printed on the same materials and in the same way.
Stickers usually are more graphical in its design; they are used in logos, illustrations and pictures. Stickers can be applied on a smooth surface and can have any size.
Labels are generally used for identification or informative purpose. Name tags and product packaging usually use labels, and they are used on a surface of a specific size.
The sticker and label printing in Malaysia is a growing industry but before you place your order, consider these factors:

Cut to Size Stickers

It is better to print cut to size stickers or roll?
If you are looking for a more economic choice, it is better to print cut to size stickers and labels. Just keep in mind that cut to size stickers are hard to remove and if you need to dispense large quantities the process can be very tedious. In this case, it is recommended to print rolls.
Another benefit of roll stickers and labels is that they are easy to peel and can be used for many applications.

What are You Sticking them On

The location is very important. You don’t want to waste hours designing a sticker or a label just to find out it is not a good match for your product. Think of the product color, shape and materials before designing and printing a sticker or label.
For example, it may not be a good idea to use a paper label if your product will be exposed to water, sun or other outdoor elements. In this case you, should use water resistant vinyl or BOPP.
Also it is a good choice to use Clear BOPP when you want some part of your design to be transparent, or if you want to show the contents in transparent containers like beverage bottles.
Standard Stickers and Product Labels can be matte, gloss or high gloss. If you are going for a classier look, use matte. If you want text and images to be brighter, use high gloss. This will create a more eye catching sticker or label.


It is very important to consider the resolution of your sticker and label printing because they are meant to be read at a close distance and be eye catching from a long distance. The minimum value resolution would be a DPI of 300. This way you can be sure your final stickers and labels will be clear and legible.


Do you want a square or rectangle sticker or label? Oval or circle? No matter what you choose, the answer always depends on your needs.
Circle and oval are less common and you can make a more memorable sticker and label. Moreover, you can also use a rectangle or square sticker or label with rounded corners; this way you can avoid using sharp points and stand out.


Colors are very important when you print stickers or labels because you want them to match with your brand. Colors can differ from one type of material to other, and in some cases, you will need to add another color to make a specific color tone.
Finally, no matter who print your stickers or labels, it is always a good idea to have your design manually proofread before printing. This way you can check out all the details before printing.
Stickers and labels are at the very forefront of your branding so they need to be amazing. Take the time to check out all the factors before submitting a design for printing.
Make sure you print the stickers and labels with a supplier that provides high quality and good prices. In Malaysia, there are a lot of companies that will print these types of labels and stickers<, just look for the one that is right for you.
Remember the choice of the right label and sticker can be the key for your business success.