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You must fill in the company name, address, email, tel/fax no, officer name & H/P no. for us to contact you to seek clarification. Pleace click your selection on the square box. If you encounter difficulty to filling up the enquiry form, you can select your choice below to let our sales personnel to contact you. You can also contact us via our office tel no : 03-51215918 (Central Region Office) or 04-3986091, 04-3900514 (Head Office) or email :

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  1. Please fax or email your Official Purchase Order to us for processing.
  2. There will be +/-10% colour variation on the CMYK print-out colour on different type of paper material selected.
  3. Therefore, please order only if you can accept the +/-10% variance on the print-out colour.
  4. We shall not be responsible for any printing mistake, such as misplacement, spelling or typo error from the artwork soft copy which is supplied by the customer.
  5. Once order is confirmed, the payment procedure is as follows:
    • i. Confirm the order payout amount with our customer service or sales personnel.
    • ii. Direct bank-in the cash or cheque make payable to WINSERN LABELGRAPHIC SDN. BHD. A/C No: 20709100018072 at any RHB Bank branch.
    • iii. Please fax or email your payment advice to us via fax : 04-3903782 or email :
    • iv. Please call us at tel : 04-3808091/2 to confirm with us your payment advice has been received.
  6. If order without artwork soft copy and eventually the artwork shall be designed by our in-house graphic designer, then an artwork design fee shall be charged separately. It must be paid before the artwork design can be proceeded.
  7. After the order been confirmed with payment, cancellation or any form of alternation or amendment are not allowed.